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It's an Angler's Paradise!
In 1999 Field and Stream Magazine named Arkansas as the number one place in the USA to catch trophy trout.

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There are fourteen lakes in the Cherokee Village area, all of them fully-stocked with a fun variety of fish, including huge catfish that you can often see from the shore. And there are two rivers, the Spring River and the South Fork of the Spring River, both fed by Mammoth Spring, one of the largest springs in the world, located in Missouri, just a few miles away from Cherokee Village.


"The best fishing spots for trout are immediately below the falls where the falling water hits, creating a frothing white mass. Back under the ledges is where the rainbows lie, waiting to nip out and grab food coming over the falls. The most deadly method is to stand on the lip of the falls and let lure or bait drift over the lip with the current. Strikes are lightning fast and hard to feel in the churning water.

In addition to trout, the Spring River offers high-quality small mouth bass fishing and seasonal walleye fishing. These two species are scattered in the river from Myatt Creek to well below Hardy. Spring River anglers will also find good action for jumbo channel and flat head catfish, tail walking spotted bass, and small but sassy rock bass, warmouths and long ear sunfish."

In addition to world-class fishin' in Spring River, you'll also enjoy, just a few miles away, the White River home of monster brown trout up to 40 lbs - 50 pounders are waiting!  Also nearby is 30,700 acre Lake Norfolk. You just can't lose here!

Imagine pulling all that fresh air natural beauty around you for your active golden years...

USA land for sale - owner financing
The South Fork meanders right through the Village

USA land for sale by owner financing

Trout fishing in Spring River near Hardy & Woodland Hills
Spring River is created by Mammoth Spring.


Mammoth pours out 200 million gallons of trout-lovin' cool water every day.

Before that water warms, there's a twenty-mile strip of world-class trout fishin'.

USA land for sale - owner financing
Catfish in Lake Thunderbird

USA land for sale - owner financing


Mammoth Spring - one of the world's largest

Arkansas Fishing Regulations


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